Qutron Team..

Ole Magleby Gudmand-Høyer

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Ole has over 25 years of experience in development of electronics and has for more than 10 years been a senior advisor to large companies, mainly supporting in-house teams in automotive solutions and optimisation. With Ole there’s little time from idea to action and this quality in combination with his multidisciplinary knowledge of mechanics, electronics and production, makes him the driving force in Qutron’s success. When he’s not at the office he spends much of his time with the family but will occasionally play on his new electronic drum-kit, which rumour has it, he’s pretty good at.

Per Sponholtz

COO – Chief Operations Officer

Per oversees our marketing and sales but also acts as an advisor to our customers. Throughout his career he has worked with distribution, branding, internationalizing , development, marketing, sales and service-management. He keeps tabs on all our projects and ensures that our clients have a clear and comprehensible project experience with us. Per is your first point of contact for new projects. When he’s not at work you’ll find him on a mountain bike somewhere in the Swedish forests.

Carsten Bendtsen

R&D engineer

Carsten has been a part of Qutron for 13 years and has been involved in the development of the majority of Qutron’s successful products. He primarily deals with programming and IT and has an exceptional ability to decipher even the most frustrating of datasheets. When he’s not working he’ll help you fix your bicycle in record breaking time.


Lone Bendtsen

Office assistant

Lone has been at Qutron since it was founded in 2007 and has in that time taken on many different roles. These days she is in charge of the day-to-day running of our office but will happily wave a soldering iron when we ramp up final production. Outside of work, Lone likes to knit, anything from tiny animals to jumpers with extravagant patterns, where a few lucky people are gifted some home-knitted treasures now and again.

Robert Zokowski

The octopus

Robert is our official jack-of-all-trades and 3D printer expert. He makes sure to resolve the problems we run into during a project by either building new tools, designing and 3D printing boxes or something else entirely. He spends his free time with his girlfriend, otherwise he plays with new 3D printers at home, when his 1-year-old cat Tito lets him use the computer keyboard.

Jakob Langkilde Madsen

Software engineer

Jakob is a strong team player and highly competent developer of firmware that supports sophisticated electronics solutions. Jakob has broad experience and has technical insight and an overview that ensures that everything works and is supported by the right documentation.
In his spare time, Jakob renovates his house and explores nature either as a hiker in a canoe or on skis.

Laura Schou Petersen

Production engineer

Laura is tough to maintain the team and prepare the projects Qutron develops for the next phase, where the project transitions from the development phase to production. Laura is a born project manager and manages to keep track of complex projects. She is also as keeping the project participants on track with the set goals regarding delivery and deadlines. In her spare time, Laura is an experienced scout and has most recently been to the Danish National Camp in Hedeland. In addition to scouting, Laura is involved in a lot of creative projects.

Thor Magleby Gudmand-Høyer


Thor is an intern and helps to develop platforms that uses 3D printers and software in the creation of prototypes. Thor is a former competitive swimmer – interested in music and still has a strong competitive gene.

Dan Almer Jensen

Hardware engineer

Dan, Qutron’s skilled hardware engineer, is a master at turning complex problems into elegant solutions. His educational foundation as an electronics operator and tradesman, combined with a great sense of curiosity, has catapulted him from R&D labs to the front lines of hardware innovation. His passion apart from the professional life is music and games – from the earthy strings of the guitar to the virtual worlds of VR – reflects his holistic understanding of, and love for, technology. Former hobbies such as 3D printing have found their way into his professional toolbox, demonstrating his ability to fuse personal interests with professional expertise.

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Qutron is a small, but well-established, engineering agency with big ambition..

Qutron is a small, but well-established, engineering agency with big ambition.

We specialise in electronics with key skills in automotive and security solutions. With our modern 18.000 square foot facilities in Albertslund, Denmark, we can complete the majority of all our development- and advisory tasks in house, which gives our clients security and a quick turnaround.

We utilize our many years experience within development, innovation and advising to create value for our clients and always ensure we provide a clear and efficient project arrangement.

At Qutron we are passionate about the sustainability and quality of what we make, and we believe that a well-designed product should last a minimum of 10 years. We therefore applaud the new “Right to Repair” law introduced by the EU and we consider the initiative an important step in the direction of a more sustainable future.